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About Invotech:

We are a complete electronic publishing design studio with world wide recognition for design leadership and integrity. We provide an array of services including: web sites, interactive media (CDís & diskette), product and technical illustration, digital and graphic design, catalogs, and brochures. We are a privately held company that is not for sale.

Our principal is John M. Morris pictured here after winning the grand prize in the World Design Contest. John has been an illustrator since 1968. He is president of Invotech.
Invotech is a design, new media, art services and productivity company. John has been a consistent winner in the World Design Contest including a Grand Prize for Landscapes in the 1995 contest.

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John is also the recipient of the Frank R. Smith Award for Distinguished Technical Communications. At Invotech, he and his assistants produce thousands of illustrations per year with the vast majority being isometric exploded views.

The staff at Invotech works tirelessly to ensure our clients projects meet the highest standards. All our projects are proofread, checked and the hyperlinks verified. Graphics are optimized with the finest applications available. Databases are completely tested before deployment.

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